Responsive search ads for dental services organization

SalesX created RSAs in record time for 230+ locations and saw immediate growth in leads at lower CPA



More Leads

Lower Cost Per Lead

The Challenge

SalesX used a new proprietary tool offered by Optmyzr for building RSAs at scale for their client Midwest Dental, a Dental Services Organization. But with over 500 ad groups to update, using Google’s user interface would have taken at least 25 hours. They needed a quicker way to capitalize on the opportunity offered by this new ad format.

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The Solution

SalesX used Optmyzr's "Add Responsive Search Ads" tool for building RSAs at scale. The tool identifies ad groups without an RSA and suggests what ad text to add. The agency used the bulk editing capabilities to make adjustments to the ads and then deployed RSAs across all accounts for the dental chain.

Optmyzr tools used:

Responsive Search Ad Builder


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We knew we could drive more sales for our client with the addition of RSAs but the process for adding this new ad format across our entire book of business was prohibitively time consuming until we found that our tool vendor offered a capability to launch RSAs at scale in a fraction of the time it would take through Google.

Joe Khoei

CEO, SalesX

The Results

In the week following SalesX work to add RSAs across all locations of the DSO, Midwest Dental drove 58% more conversions than the week before when they only had static ads. The new conversions came in at a CPA that was 35% lower than that of the static ads. They were able to create the new ads in about 4 hours, 1/6th the amount of time if they hadn’t used this tool.


Increase in leads


Reduction in CPA


Faster deployment

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