TopLine Film nets 10x lead growth using Optmyzr

Video production biz increases revenue significantly with ad text optimizations
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TopLine is the UK’s top-ranked video production company for creative content with real impact.


London, UK

The Challenge

TopLine Films started a new website for their video production service: TopLine Film Website. They were aware of the challenges they would face on building a new website. As expected their sales through organic and paid search plummeted. They found it frustrating after dealing with agencies who didn't understand the B2B landscape that they work in. They needed a company that understood their needs and that boosted their search results.

The Solution

The Ad Text Optimization has been the most useful tool for TopLine Films. This has helped them get a higher CTR, more conversions, more leads and more customers. The Quality Score Tracker has enabled them to correct their QS issues that they were facing. The historical QS has helped them see improvement and has helped focus their time on the important things.

The Result

"Optmyzr has been so helpful in enabling us to take control of our Google Ads account. Our new approach means I can handle Google Ads in few hours a week, while generating big results for my business. In fact, within two months we have increased our inbound leads generated by 1000%." — Heather B, CEO