United Ads implements tailor-made PPC strategies to grow conversions by 40%

Germany-based marketing agency, United Ads, saves one-third of the time usually spent on managing Google Ads.
Reduced Account Management Hours
More Conversions with Bigger G-Shopping Projects


United Ads is an online marketing agency that specializes in Google Ads and SEO, serving customers throughout Europe.


Munich, Germany

The Challenge

United Ads, a Google Premium Partner Agency, has long strived to transition away from traditional PPC management to ensure its services are on point and agile to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Google Ads platform. However, the lack of appropriate tools and strategies constantly pushed them away from achieving this. Their daily account management activities consumed more time than expected, and their various standalone reporting solutions didn’t join up well to enable granular and faster reporting. Reporting became an even more significant challenge for bigger accounts with time. Alex, the CEO, and his team needed to identify a solution that would be suitable not only for their agency but also for their diverse customer base of different sizes.

The Solution

While United Ads evaluated several other automation tools, it was the customization capabilities and Optmyzr’s broad functionality that stood out the most. Alex was particularly impressed with the multitude of reporting capabilities and the ability to automate just any reporting format. The agency used Rule Engine to build out a series of workflows that automated critical tasks, providing better control and allowing account managers to work in a structured and scalable manner. The team greatly appreciated the additional insights they were able to uncover, regardless of the bid strategies used.

The Result

“I think all features make Optmyzr a powerful tool to gain a competitive advantage. We didn’t take time to dig deep into the features and that was a mistake. Encourage your account managers to make use of all the different tools and features, it was a total game changer for us.” - Alexander Sperber, CEO By choosing Optmyzr, United Ads was able to find a customizable solution that effectively addressed its specific needs in Google Ads account management. The combination of custom Rule Engine strategies, and reporting tools, allowed United Ads to boost performance, increase time efficiency, and provide additional insights to its clients.