Optmyzr empowers WebSavvy to prioritize client profitability over Google's interests

The Australia-based agency uses Optmyzr to generate more profit for clients than optimizing campaigns for Google’s interest.


WebSavvy, recognized among the top 3% of Google Partner agencies in Australia, is a team of digital specialists focused on digital growth strategies and passionate about helping small and medium businesses achieve more with digital ads. WebSavvy was founded in 2006 by Mike Rhodes, a pioneer in the PPC industry and co-author of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads’.


Melbourne, Australia

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing agency, WebSavvy constantly felt pressed for time with clients' demands flooding in from all directions and the team feeling that the day didn't have enough hours. They required a tool that could optimize their paid media campaigns more efficiently and effectively, as well as offer a clear performance analysis. Prior to discovering Optmyzr in 2015, the agency had invested six figures over five years in building its own software. However, when the founder and CEO, Mike Rhodes, was introduced to Optmyzr, he was confident that it would outperform their own creation and be more dependable. Consequently, he decided to release his development team and switch to Optmyzr.

The Solution

With Optmyzr, WebSavvy discovered an array of tools and features that were highly effective in optimizing their campaigns and saving time. Of particular note was the Shopping Analyzer tool, which provided the ability to visualize a feed based on product attributes and optimize it for search results. The entire team loved the PPC Investigator tool for its capacity to deliver clear insights into the root causes of changes in campaign performance. Mike emphasized the importance of demonstrating to clients how their budget was being utilized. The Budget Pacing tool served to simplify this process while also helping the team know what to expect for the remaining days in a month and work out where best to invest the next advertising dollar for their clients.

The Result

“The tool helps us just get the right things done more efficiently and effectively. To think of it as a single tool is doing Optmyzr a big disservice. It does so many different things, and it also does them out of the box so you don't have to know exactly what you want to do. The tool is basically going to grab you by the hand and lead you through a bunch of optimizations very, very easily.” Mike Rhodes | CEO