PPC Insights, Not Just Data

Optmyzr unlocks the stories hidden in your PPC data.

Optmyzr vs AdWords - Faster Insights From PPC Data


Budget Forecasts

PPC Budget Forecasts with Optmyzr

Quality Score

AdWords Quality Score with Optmyzr


PPC Dayparting with Optmyzr

N-Gram Word Clouds

Search Term Word Clouds with Optmyzr

Cause Charts

PPC Cause Charts with Optmyzr

Geo Analysis

Geo Performance Analysis with Optmyzr


Optmyzr makes you a better PPC analyst

  • Faster than spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets are awesome, but you shouldn't have to spend hours pulling repetitive reports, and doing the same data manipulation across all the campaigns and clients you manage. Optmyzr brings in data from multiple sources, analyzes it with artificial intelligence, and presents the most salient findings to you in seconds. And you can even download the analysis we did if you still want to use spreadsheets.

  • Smarter than the engines

    Google Ads and Bing Ads have a ton of data but they don't make it easy for experts to get quick insights based on best practices employed by the world's smartest agencies and advertisers. Optmyzr fills that gap because we build tools for experts, so we don't have to dumb it down for the masses.

  • Easy to dig deeper

    Optmyzr makes it incredibly easy to run the same analysis on different segments so that you can analyze all the segments that matter: brand vs non-brand, different product lines or services, different networks, and devices.

“Optmyzr has been a great tool for simplifying large amounts of data to maximize our ROI. I fully recommend Optmyzr to anyone!”
Chris Moore, DealDash