Enhanced Scripts™ for Google Ads

The most powerful automations for Google Ads. Customized by you without writing a single line of code. 

Expand your account and keep it in sync with your rules and inventory.

Make your account better every hour with automated optimizations.

Automatically add data to spreadsheets and process it.

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Why Enhanced Scripts™

The power of Google Ads Scripts combined with the simplicity of a web based tool.

Google Ads Scripts Directory

With Enhanced Scripts™ for Google Ads, Optmyzr writes and maintains the Google AppScripts code. Simply copy-and-paste the code we generate into your account and update your settings in our web-based user interface.

  • Pre-written PPC Scripts

    We write the Google Apps Script code that automates Google Ads reporting and management. You can leverage our work without knowing how to write any code.

  • Built to Scale

    All of our scripts work in individual accounts and in MCC accounts. You can even copy settings for scripts between accounts.

  • Always updated

    We frequently share our code so that others can build on it. Because Google Ads is constantly evolving, unfortunately those code samples become outdated. Our scripts are maintained and automatically updated in any accounts where they are used.

Chad Martin

Save time with Google Ads Scripts

"Having Optmyzr create a script that automatically pauses the campaigns when they hit the account monthly budget enables us to spend more time doing what we do best, optimizing the campaigns! Thanks Optmyzr."

Campaign Management

Google Ads Scripts to optimize your account automatically.

Automated Hourly Optimizations

Avoid wasting money on PPC with automated optimizations that can be scheduled to run as often as every hour.

  • Bid Management

    Use data from your account together with data from a Google spreadsheet to program and automate your own bid rules.

  • Stay Under Budget

    Maintain more flexible budget settings and automatically pause ads, keywords, ad groups, or campaigns when the budget for the day, week, or month is reached.

  • Pause Broken Landing Pages

    Find and pause ads with broken landing pages, whether those are 404 errors, pages that include some text that indicates the product is no longer available, or that 302 redirect to the homepage.


PPC Scripts to analyze and report all the data.

Automated Spreadsheet Reports

Populate spreadsheets with data from your Google Ads account. Scripts will even do all the data processing automatically, including data aggregation and joining data from multiple sources.

  • Hourly Google Ads Stats

    Get more granular data by collecting hourly stats for your most important campaigns, ad groups, or keywords.

  • Aggregated Data

    Find out what works best for your account, from match types, to keywords of different lengths, to commonly used snippets of text used in ads.

Google Ads Scripts Tips

Google Ads Scripts are the foundation of some of the most advanced PPC automation and because anyone can see the code, it is possible to extend the functionality by building on the work others have done.

When starting out with Google Ads Scripts, we recommend you try some reporting scripts before you venture into trying scripts that make changes to accounts.

Google Ads Scripts are part of Google Apps Scripts so they are integrated with other Google services like Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Analytics, and even the Prediction API, making it possible to construct very advanced workflows with just a few lines of code.

We were some of the first to start sharing Google Ads Scripts at conferences and in blogs.

We've written extensively on the topic of Google Ads Scripts on SearchEngineLand.com.

Optmyzr Loves Google Ads Scripts

Optmyzr was one of the first companies to start writing and sharing scripts. Then we took it a step further and created Enhanced Scripts™ for PPC. These scripts made it possible for account managers without any knowledge of code to customize and run scripts. Enhanced Scripts™ make it possible to:

  • Automatically pause ads and keywords that lead to 404 error pages and save money.

  • Set different bid adjustments for every hour of every day using the Hourly Dayparting script.

  • Do advanced budget management by pausing campaigns, ad groups and keywords when they exceed budget.