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Optmyzr's team is committed to educating PPC professionals and marketers. We travel all over the world and participate in virtual events to share what we learned about doing PPC better. We'd love to meet you at one of these events or online soon

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12:00 AM PT March 17, 2022

SMX Munich 2022, March 17

Whether you love or hate responsive search ads, they are the only text ad format Google will support after expanded text ads are retired later in 2022. What’s the strategy that can help you deliver great results from RSAs? Join Fred Vallaeys, CEO of Optmyzr, to learn what the data from the analysis of thousands of advertisers teaches us. He'll answer such questions as: Can you improve performance by pinning ad components? Does A/B testing still matter when RSAs effectively A/B test between their elements? Does Google favor ads that don’t use pinning? How much variation in headlines improves results the most? What is the impact of using keyword insertion, ad customizers, countdowns or location insertion? and more. Ultimately, we'll set you on your way to make the transition from ETAs to RSAs as smooth as possible. After this session, you'll be able to create a strategy for RSAs, test what works now before ETAs go away, and you will understand which elements increase performance.

12:00 AM PT

Munich, Germany


1:30 AM PT March 16, 2022

SMX Munich 2022, March 16

By now it's clear automation in SEA is here to stay, so join this session to learn what you can do to set your campaigns apart from all the others using the exact same automations as you. Google is flexing its machine learning muscle and rolling out a constant stream of new automations, like Performance Max campaigns, Optimized Targeting, Responsive Search Ads, Smart Bidding and more. But that doesn't mean your work in PPC is done. Your power lies in knowing which automations to combine, what advanced settings to use and how to test more effectively. When you attend this session, you will come away with actionable ways to take control and unlevel the playing field back in your favor.

1:30 AM PT

Munich, Germany


11:00 AM Feb 1, 2022

HeroConf - Austin Feb 1, 2022

Scripts have come a long way since their introduction in 2012. Google’s even introducing a brand new version of scripts to go along with the new Ads API. Join the OG scripts guru to learn what’s new in scripts from Google and Microsoft, where to find new free scripts that are updated and will still work, and learn some techniques for automating PPC accounts using your own methodology rather than giving all the control to Google.

11:00 AM

Austin, Texas


9:00 AM Jan 31, 2022

HeroConf - Austin Jan 31, 2022

As PPC marketers, we’re used to working at internet speed, dealing with hundreds of changes from the ad engines every year, forcing us to recalibrate how we deliver performance. But since we saw each other at the last HeroConf, that pace of change has only accelerated because the pandemic-driven new normal demanded it. So doing things virtually became a necessity, and even the slowest adopters had to join the world of digital natives and start working, playing, and buying online. What it takes to be the best digital marketer has changed along with everything else. Learn how today’s modern marketer is different from the marketers we networked with at HeroConf before the world changed two years ago.

9:00 AM

Austin, Texas

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Past events


4:40 PM PST November 17, 2021

Friends of Search

Automation has been one of the big themes in PPC for several years and now that every advertiser has access to the same high quality, low cost automations, how can they set themselves apart? In other words, how can an advertiser win when all their competitors have the same tools? Some long-held beliefs will need to be challenged and old best practices will need to be changed. Optmyzr CEO, Fred Vallaeys, will share new RSA optimization techniques based on a recent massive study of Optmyzr data and he’ll also cover ways to manipulate Smart Bidding into driving more results.

4:40 PM PST

Brussels, Belgium


9:40 AM PST November 9, 2021

SMX Next

Moving a step closer to near-total PPC automation, Google Ads recently announced that starting from July 2022, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) will be the only search ad type in standard search campaigns. Fred will talk about this change and how you can optimize RSAs in your campaigns.

9:40 AM PST



2 PM, CEST October 14, 2021

ADworld Experience

Fred will talk about when you should implement PPC automation — especially to maximize your time and resources allowing you to pass off mundane, repetitive, or time-consuming tasks to focus on overall campaigns and marketing strategy.


Bologna, Italy


All time zones July 21, 2021

Search Seekers virtual conference

Fred will explain why PPC experts need to change how they think about optimizing SME accounts. He will share 5 techniques on PPC automation for working with the machines to drive better results in the areas like bid management, targeting, and messaging.

All time zones

Virtual conference


Eastern Time June 8 - 10, 2021

Digital Dealer Tampa 2021

Come learn from industry leaders and experts showcasing the latest tactics in dealer sales, marketing & online strategies.

Eastern Time


All time zones 16 February

Leicester Digital Live

LD Live is a premier digital marketing event which is bringing you the latest in e-commerce, social media, paid search & SEO from some of the UKs leading marketers and speakers.

All time zones