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Search Marketing Summit Australia 2020

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Frederick Vallaeys

Co-founder & CEO, Optmyzr

Frederick Vallaeys




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“Whether you like it or not, automation is here to stay and will continue to take on more of the work humans used to do. But history has shown that humans + machines are better than machines alone and that’s true in SME as well. In this session we share techniques you can take home today to start collaborating with automations from Google. We will explain the concept of ‘automation layering,’ or how to combine automations from the engines with your own to take back control and improve results. Did you think automated bidding means ‘set-it-and-forget-it’? Or do you feel like you’ve lost the power to target your ads when close variants now include ‘same meaning’ queries? Not sure how you can still optimize ads when all Google wants are variations of headlines and descriptions? This session will teach you how to take each of these automations to the next level by bringing your own human strengths and work together with the strengths of the machines.”