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Optmyzr's team is committed to educating PPC professionals and marketers. We travel all over the world and participate in virtual events to share what we learned about doing PPC better. We'd love to meet you at one of these events or online soon

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9 AM July 19, 2022

HeroConf - London July 19, 2022

As PPC marketers, we’re used to working at internet speed, dealing with hundreds of changes from the ad engines every year, forcing us to recalibrate how we deliver performance. But since we saw each other at the last HeroConf, that pace of change has only accelerated because the pandemic-driven new normal demanded it. So doing things virtually became a necessity, and even the slowest adopters had to join the world of digital natives and start working, playing, and buying online. What it takes to be the best digital marketer has changed along with everything else. Learn how today’s modern marketer is different from the marketers we networked with at HeroConf before the world changed two years ago.

9 AM

London, England

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All time zones 16 February

Leicester Digital Live

LD Live is a premier digital marketing event which is bringing you the latest in e-commerce, social media, paid search & SEO from some of the UKs leading marketers and speakers.

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