How to optimize RSAs, the only ad format here to stay

Whether you love or hate responsive search ads, they are the only text ad format Google will support after expanded text ads are retired later in 2022. What’s the strategy that can help you deliver great results from RSAs? Join Fred Vallaeys, CEO of Optmyzr, to learn what the data from the analysis of thousands of advertisers teaches us. He'll answer such questions as: Can you improve performance by pinning ad components? Does A/B testing still matter when RSAs effectively A/B test between their elements? Does Google favor ads that don’t use pinning? How much variation in headlines improves results the most? What is the impact of using keyword insertion, ad customizers, countdowns or location insertion? and more. Ultimately, we'll set you on your way to make the transition from ETAs to RSAs as smooth as possible. After this session, you'll be able to create a strategy for RSAs, test what works now before ETAs go away, and you will understand which elements increase performance.

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Frederick Vallaeys

Co-Founder & CEO, Optmyzr

Frederick Vallaeys


Munich, Germany


March 17, 2022

12:00 AM PT

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Munich, Germany

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