Lin Rodnitzky Ratio Script - User Guide

What does it do?

This Enhanced Script automatically calculates the Lin Rodnitzky (L/R) ratio for your AdWords account. This ratio is a quick calculation to see the efficiency of an AdWords account. It is calculated by dividing the cost per acquisition or conversion (CPA) of all search queries with the CPA of search queries that have more than one conversion.

Why should you use the L/R ratio?

The L/R ratio can be used as an indicator of the efficiency of an account. This score divides the CPA of all search queries by the CPA of all your search queries with at least 1+ conversion. A score of under 1.5 indicates that the account is too conservative or brand heavy, and a score of greater than 2 suggests too aggressive of a strategy.

How does it work?

Choose the account you want to run the script in and go to the All Enhanced Scripts page. This script is quite simple to set up, as there aren't many settings. 

Setting Name:
Enter a setting name for the script. You can have multiple settings based on date range.

Choose the date range for which you want to calculate the L/R ratio for the script.

Email Addresses to Notify:
Enter the email addresses you would like to notify after the script finishes running. These email addresses will get an email with the L/R ratio after it finishes running.

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