Geo and Device Bid Adjustment - User Guide

What is it?

The Geo and Device Bid Adjustment is an optimization that lets you set bid adjustments for devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and locations (country, city, region, zip code/pin code). You can:

  • Calculate and apply bid adjustments/modifiers based on the goal of the campaign (like cost/conversion) for locations and devices.
  • Analyze performance data for locations and devices broken down by campaigns, labels.

How to use Geo and Device Bid Adjustment?

You can access the tool under the 'For Bids' sub-category in the Optimizations tab or directly on this link. 

Campaigns and Date Range

  • Scope: View suggestions for the whole account. For large accounts, you can filter campaigns by label or name.  
  • Date Range: Choose your own date range to analyze selected campaigns. Set to Last 30 days by default.
  • Update bids changed in las 14 days: By default the system doesn't calculate new bid adjustments for locations or devices whose bid adjustments were changed through Optmyzr in the last 14 days. 

Change the setting to 'Yes' if you would like to adjust bid modifiers for such locations and devices.

Bid Adjustment Type 

Select this option to set up bid adjustments for different device types - desktop, mobile, and tablets at the campaign or ad group level.

Aggregate Locations:
The system sets a bid adjustment for the location based on aggregated data from campaigns under it. 

Set Filter Level

Select the filter level by which you want to view data and set bid adjustments.

  • Conservative: This shows you the locations/devices that have a high number of impressions.
  • Normal: The number of impressions a location/device has to have to be recommended in this mode is lower than conservative but higher than aggressive.
  • Aggressive: It requires the location/device to have a very low number of impressions to be considered for a bid adjustment.

Set the filter level to Normal or Conservative to make sure you only see data for locations/devices that have enough data. At the Aggressive level, you'll also see campaign performance for locations/devices with one impression which may make the tool slow and create a lot of noise.

Set Bids

You can set bid adjustments manually or use the 'Set Bids' option to automatically calculate bid adjustments based on performance. To calculate the bid adjustments, set a target goal value and click on "Update" in the right corner of the box to view suggested bid adjustments.

Select the metric based on which you want to set bid adjustments.
For Conv Value/Cost, the system will take the number as a value and not as a percentage. E.g 5 is 5% and 500 is 500%

Target Goal Value:
The number based on which you want the system to recommend new bid adjustments for locations or devices. It is the number you want to optimize performance for. The system automatically suggests bid adjustments for the geographical locations/device that meet that goal. 

For example, if the CPA goal for the account or campaign is $20, you can enter 20 for the campaign goal and the system will set bid adjustments accordingly. If you want a number higher than 20, you can type it iin.

Allowed Change %:
This setting defines the allowed percentage change when the system sets the bid adjustment. For example, if the upper limit is set to 50 then the system will not increase the bid adjustments by more than 50%. 

It tells the system how aggressively should it bid high or low. For example, if the performance of a campaign is much lower than your target metric, then this will define how aggressively the system bids that location/device down.

Inherit aggregated bid adjustment:
If a campaign doesn't have enough data to make a decision based on the selected campaign goal, the system assigns the location/device level bid adjustment to the campaign. If this box is unchecked, the system will not assign the aggregate bid adjustment to campaigns that have less data.

The "New bid adjustment" field can be changed manually as well. Once you finish reviewing the new bids, you can click 'Apply Changes' to upload the changes to AdWords.

The "Current bid adjustment" column shows the current bid adjustment for the selected location/device. If the value in the column is zero, it is because the location or device doesn't have a bid adjustment.

You can check some frequently asked questions here, and you can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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