Migrate to Expanded Text Ads using Generate Text Ads Bulksheet Enhanced Script

Steps to convert legacy ads into expanded text ads using Generate Text Ad Bulksheets: 

To use the script to add expanded text ads to your account, there are few additional steps you need to follow. We recommend watching the video at the end for a detailed walk through.

1. After the script runs, access the generated Ad Bulksheet/spreadsheet from the 'Logs' section in Optmyzr. Open the spreadsheet to make changes.

2. In the generated Ad Bulksheet, add a filter to the top row. Then filter to only see suggestions with 'legacy text ad' in Ad Type and 'add' in the Action column. Now you should only see legacy text ads that were to be added. We'll convert these legacy text ads into expanded text ads.

3. After this, try playing around with the Headline and Description line 1 & 2 to create the long description line for expanded text ads. For example, you can concatenate Description line 1 & 2 and paste it in the Description Line of the proposed expanded text ads description field.

4. After creating all the ads from the high performing legacy ads, copy and paste all the ads in a separate tab. Make sure to only paste the values by using the paste special function. Delete the cells not relevant to expanded text ad, like the cells related to legacy text ads. This would include Headline, Description line 1 and 2. (Refer to the video at 9.02).

5. This new sheet now has only expanded text ads that are ready to be uploaded to AdWords.

6. Upload all ads to AdWords Editor by clicking on Import in File Tab. Select "Paste text" or "Import from file" and get all the values and select keep to upload all the identified new ads to AdWords.

Demo Video

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