Activity Dashboard - User Guide

Optmyzr Usage dashboard is a fun way to know if you are using Optmyzr to it's full potential as it provides a quick insight on usage of different categories of tools in Optmyzr by a team.

Use Cases

1. Find out optimization opportunities for accounts.
2. Find out how your peers are performing account management.
3. Find out if you missed optimizing any of your PPC accounts in Optmyzr.

How can I use "Optmyzr Usage" dashboard?

1. Optmyzr Leader Board

The "Optmyzr Usage" dashboard offer two versions of score boards which lets you gauge performance of your team as well as yourself. Switch between them using settings at the top

  • For a user's optimization assessment
    • Find yourself an Optmyzr usage badge and optimization opportunities to boost your performance.
    • Find out the time you saved using Optmyzr in comparison to the time you would have spend doing the same analysis manually.  
  • For a team's optimization assessment
    • Find out the Super Optmyzr of your team based on their badges - bronze, silver and gold.
    • Teams score board helps team mates to learn from each others recipe of account management. 

2. Optimization Opportunities Dashboard

  • The tool analyses the usage by all the team members on your Optmyzr account to show the number of times Data Insight tools were used to take away analytical information and the number of times One Click Optimizations were viewed and applied. 
  • You can also view the changes performed by your team-mate or yourself on the accounts which were launched using Optmyzr. 
  • Find suggested tools to use to improve account performance.

3. Optimization Usage Dashboard

  • Accounts Covered
    This options lets you identify, if you are optimizing all the accounts linked to Optmyzr. You can find the count of accounts which were not touched using Optmyzr. Screenshot below shows that, only 3 out of 26 accounts have been covered on Optmyzr for the selected date range.
  • Changes to Accounts
    This options shows the optimization summary.  Eg: It shows the number of keywords which were added (sourced from Keyword Lasso), Bids updated(sourced from One Click Optimizations for Bids).

4. Team Activity Heatmap

This heatmap shows on calendar the spread of Optmyzr usage by team on different days. Easily identify the times of the year which are busy or not.

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