Facebook Widgets

How to use the widgets in the Multi-Account Report to display Facebook data

The Facebook Insights widget lets you add data from Facebook campaigns to reports, and is currently available only in Muti-Account Reports. 

Note: Facebook Reporting is a feature only available for the Pro and Enterprise subscription plans in Multi-Account Reports.

How to include data from Facebook ads in reports?

First, you need to create a new template or edit and existing one. 

After accessing the template, you can add a new account selector/picker and select a Facebook account from the list. 

After choosing the account in the Account Selector Widget, you can add the different Facebook widgets to the multi-account report template. 

Facebook Performance Widget by Segment

You can choose to segment the performance by campaign, Adset, top ads, gender, demographics, hourly performance, device, and country, and you can also add a complete Facebook Insights widget.

All the segmented widgets will show the following options for you to filter and sort, with a predefined item in "Segments", depending on the chosen widget. 

Facebook Insights Widget 

Report Type

Report at account, campaign, ad set or ad level.


Segment the data by a parameter of your choice. For example, split the account performance by gender and/or age.


Select the metrics from the table to report on performance for account/campaign/ad set/ad.

Sort By

Sort the output by one of the metrics shortlisted in the Stats table.

Facebook Charts

You can report on Facebook performance with a KPI chart, a Line chart, Pie chart or Bar chart.

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