How to report different Conversion Types

How can I report Conversion types like leads/sign-ups by devices, networks, campaigns & ad groups?

Segment Charts in the Report Designer and Templates can be used to report different conversion types on different devices, networks, campaigns and ad groups.You can follow the steps below to set it up:  

  1. In the Report Designer, click on the "Charts" tab 
  2. You can choose amongst 3 types of Segment Widgets:
    • Segment Pie Chart 
      This chart lets you view the spread of conversion types on pie chart by calculating the percentage contribution of respective variables on network, devices, campaigns and ad groups.
    • Segment Line Chart
      By selecting this chart type, you can view the absolute value of the conversions on different days of the month.
    • Segment Bar Chart
      This chart type lets you check the comparative view of the conversions with the help of a horizontal bar chart.
  3. Launch the widget of your choice 
  4. On the widget, choose "Select" option to view the conversion types available. You can make your selection here to report the leads/sign-ups (which are defined in AdWords) 
  5. Under "For" in the widget choose amongst network, devices, campaigns and ad groups in the drop down menu Preview the widget and save your report template.

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