Account Alerts - User Guide

Setting up account alerts on the dashboard to keep track of performance

What are account alerts?

The account alerts feature in the MCC dashboard helps track the performance of specific metrics. It notifies you if the performance for a metric falls below target or starts trending in the wrong direction.

How do they work?

Account alerts work in two ways:

  • Track a metric's performance against a given target. 
  • Monitor the trend and notify if the performance starts declining.

How to set up account alerts?

It is possible to set up an alert for each metric on the dashboard. To set up an alert:

  • Hover over the metric to open the alert box
  • Click on 'Add an alert'
  • Enter the target you want to track. By default, the system recommends the average we've seen for the account for the last four weeks. You also have to specify the accepted deviation from the target in percentage.
    For example, if you're entering a target for cost/conversion as 20 and the allowed percentage deviation is 10% then the system will highlight the cell in Red if the cost/conversion goes above $22
  • Click on 'Start Monitoring' to finish the setup

What do the colors on the dashboard mean?

The color of the cell will turn light red or dark red depending on the status of the metric.

Light Red - A light Red color means that either the metric is off target or the performance is declining.

Dark Red - A dark Red color means that the metric is off target and the performance is declining.

Who will receive the alerts?

Members in the team will get alerts for all the accounts they have either starred or own. Account ownership can be set in the bulk edit mode or while setting up an alert. 

If an account triggered an alert and no team member owns it or has it starred, the alert for the account will go to the person who set up that alert.

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