How to link an AdWords account to Optmyzr

To link an AdWords account to Optmyzr, you first need to link the AdWords login email that has access to the account. If the AdWords login email is already linked to Optmyzr, go to Step 3.

Step 1: Link AdWords email

To add a new AdWords login email, you can click on ‘Link Another Account' in the left column of your MCC Dashboard (Optmyzr home)

Step 2: Grant permission to connect to AdWords

Click on ‘Add Another AdWords Login' and choose the AdWords email (associated to your AdWords MCC account) you want to connect to Optmyzr. 

You will have to ‘Accept’ to give Optmyzr permission to connect to AdWords. This will associate the current AdWords/Google account you’re signed in with in the browser. If this is not the Google account you use for AdWords, sign in to the Google account you want to associate and repeat this step.

Click on the email associated with your AdWords account to show the list of all the AdWords accounts related to that email ID (if it is an MCC).

Step 3: Link the AdWords account to Optmyzr

Click on the AdWords account (child account) you want to add to Optmyzr and you’re done!

Re-link an AdWords account through another AdWords login email

You can follow the steps below to relink an AdWords accounts through a new AdWords login email:

1. Go to Link another account page

2. Add and search the new/another AdWords login email

3. Find the AdWords account ID of the AdWords account which you'd like to relink

4. Find the option to relink the account using this new AdWords login email next to the account name. Screenshot below. 

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