MCC Dashboard

Track and monitor performance for AdWords and Bing accounts in one place

The MCC dashboard has several features that will make it easier to analyze and manage your AdWords and Bing accounts. We've listed some of the top features below.

Tags and Notes

Add tags and notes to your accounts to organize and analyze them. The search box at the top makes it possible to filter data by tags that have been assigned to accounts. Tags help group similar accounts together. 

For example, if you're managing accounts for different verticals you can tag them as legal, auto, e-commerce etc, and then analyze the data for those accounts together. 

The Notes field can be used to specify that needs to be known at the account level. 

For example, target CPA is $50 or, don't increase bids above $5. 

Cycle Dates

The MCC dashboard lets you monitor monthly budgets from the beginning to the end of the month. For some accounts, you may follow a different monthly cycle that doesn't start on the 1st. To specify custom monthly cycles you can use the cycle date field. 

For example, if the month for an account starts and ends on the 15th,  the cycle date will be 15. 

The Cycle Date can take any value from 1 to 30. By default, it is set to 1.

To set up the Cycle Date, you can change the information on the account settings.

Account Comparison

If you want to compare performance for an account against two different date ranges, you first need to star the account (click on the star next to the account name) to make it your favorite.

On the Starred Accounts tab, you will see a list of your favorites accounts. In there, you can select the date range in the 'Compare with' box. 

Pro Dashboard

An upgraded version of the MCC Dashboard available for Pro and Enterprise plan users. It includes:

Device and Network Filters

One of the most powerful features of the Pro Dashboard. You can choose to display the accounts data and performance per Devices and Networks by using the metrics filters on the left side of the dashboard. 

This lets you filter data for all accounts by a network - Google Search, Search Partners, Display and YouTube.

Pro tip: Check which accounts are getting traffic from mobile apps by selecting mobile and display.


In the Pro dashboard, you can filter data for all accounts by device - Mobile, Desktops, and Tablets. This lets you evaluate performance per device for all accounts.


Additional Metrics from Analytics

You can add goal and revenue data from Google Analytics. To see this data in the MCC dashboard, link your Analytics profile to Optmyzr and associate it with the right AdWords account. You can do it on the Link Another Account page

It is possible to view up to eight analytics goals, goal conversion rate and revenue alongside AdWords data. 

Alerts View Preference

The alerts view preference, on the top right of the screen, allows you to filter out whether you want to see only the active alerts (highlighted in light red) or all the alerts created (highlighted in light green).

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