Create Ads From Spreadsheet - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the "Create Ads from Spreadsheet" Script

Will the script remove keywords I added manually?

The "Create Ads from Spreadsheet" script will only add new keywords to the account - it will never remove them. You can choose whether the script adds keywords to existing ad groups or not. Here are the two possible scenarios for the setting "Modify Existing AdGroup":

  • If set to "yes", the script will add new keywords to existing ad groups.
  • If set to "no", the script will NOT add any keywords or ads to existing ad groups.

This means you can safely use other tools like the Keyword Lasso to find new keywords. This script will never remove any of these manually added keywords.

Can I use the script to add new keywords to existing ad groups?

The script "Create Ads from Spreadsheet" can be used to either build or maintain campaigns. If you would like to add new keywords to existing ad groups, here are the steps:

  1. Set the setting for "Modify Existing AdGroup" to "yes" to allow the script to add new keywords to existing ad groups.
  2. Add the new keyword templates on the "Keywords" tab in the script settings.
  3. Run the script from AdWords.
  4. Any new keywords will be added to the existing ad groups.

Note that the script will not remove keywords from existing ad groups, even if you remove keyword templates from the settings.

Can I use the Create Ads from Spreadsheet to create ad groups for each match type?

Yes, you can create ad groups for each match type using Create Ads from Spreadsheet. There are two ways of doing it:

1.- Create three rows for each ad group in the spreadsheet and add another column that mentions whether it is phrase, exact or broad. When defining the ad template the ad group name will look something like [ad group name column] - [match type column]. This is because each row is created as an ad group.

2.- The other option is to create three separate settings in the script one for each ad group match type. This might be an easier option if you keep the three settings in sync.

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