Create Ads From a Spreadsheet - User Guide

What does it do?

This Enhanced Script automatically creates ad groups, ad texts, keywords and labels based on a spreadsheet with your data. It can be used to turn a product database into an AdWords account or it can be used as an alternative to the AdWords interface or the AdWords Editor for creating new ads at scale. 

How does it work?

Before you can start using the script, you need to create the settings for the account where the script will run. 

Setting up the Spreadsheet

When creating the settings, the Google Spreadsheet URL you'll use to feed data to the script must include all the columns required to create keywords, ads, and ad groups. 

If the spreadsheet is blank or if there are empty cells of data, the script will display an error.

If you click on the question mark next to each setting, you'll find more details about the information you need to include/choose. 

If you need help with the spreadsheet format, you can download our Create Ads from Spreadsheet sample.xlsx

Create ad groups and ads

After you put in the spreadsheet URL, the system automatically pulls the different column headers and shows them on the right side of the screen.

Ad Groups

Existing Campaign Name

Enter the name of the campaign in which the script will create the ad groups, ads, and keywords. The campaign needs to exist in your account as the script doesn't create campaigns.

Ad Group Details

You can dynamically insert the data from the spreadsheet into the ad template. To insert it, select the columns from the right by clicking on them.


Enable the dynamic update of numerical information within an ad, without having to update the number manually. Mention which column in the sheet {param1} and {param2} should correspond to.


When creating an Ad Template, you can also dynamically insert the ad data from the spreadsheet to create different templates. 

Inserting the column headers will ensure the script picks up the corresponding value from the spreadsheet.

Important: The Display URL must always include www, http, or https, otherwise, the script won't run.

Default Ad

Create a default ad with no dynamic insertion parameters to make sure that all ad groups will have at least one ad that fits within the characters limits.

Keyword Template

You can:

  • Use dynamic insertion parameters in the keywords you create.
  • Use different match types by adding the different notations like:
    • [ ] for exact match (e.g. [[Brand]] )
    • + for broad
    • - for negative

It's important to always specify the match type you want to use for the keyword to be added. For example, if you are looking to add a keyword as a Phrase, you'll need to set the quotation marks on the keyword in the template for the system to recognize it as such. Otherwise, the system won't recognize it as such, and will create the keyword as Broad, which is the default type.

The script automatically checks if the same keywords and ads have already been created in the ad groups, so it doesn't create duplicates.

Install script

You can learn how to install the script in AdWords here.

Demo Video

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