How to Run Enhanced Scripts at MCC level?

Enhanced Scripts can be run at child account and MCC level. You can set different settings for each child account and then run them all on a single script.

Create Settings

To create a script that can be run at the MCC level, you will need to create a setting for each child account you want the script to run in. The advantage is that you can have a separate setting for each child account while running a single script at the MCC level. 

You don't need to recreate the setting from scratch in each child account. It is possible to copy settings from one child account to another using the 'Copy from another account option'.

Download Script

Once you create the configuration for the child accounts, you will need to download the MCC version of the script one time (from any of the child accounts where you've created the setting).

Upload the Script to AdWords

Once you log into your AdWords account, go to the MCC where you want to run the script. Click the Scripts option under Bulk Operations in the sidebar, and upload the script directly to your Adwords MCC account. 

In your MCC account, you can also schedule the script to run as often as you want (once a week, twice a month, etc.).

Run the Script in AdWords

  1. In the "Script" field at the top, name your script and empty out the script editor box.
  2. Open the script file you downloaded from Optmyzr's page. Select everything (Ctrl+A) in the script browser window and copy it (Ctrl+C). Go back to the script editor box in your AdWords account and paste the data.
  3. Click "Save" on the editor, authorize the script by clicking "Authorize" and then "Grant Access."
  4. Click "Preview" to run the script for 30 seconds. If you get no errors, the script has been set up correctly. If the account is small, the entire script can run in 30 seconds so you may be able to see the results as well and receive the email.
  5. Now click on "Run Script Now" and you'll receive an email when the script run is complete.

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