Hour of the Week Bid Adjustments - FAQ

The Hour of the Week Bid Adjustment is a tool that recommends time-based bid adjustments based on the performance of KPIs. 

Unlike AdWords where you have to create time slots first, and then set bid adjustments one by one, this optimization recommends and lets you set bid adjustments with a single click. You can also create custom time slots to analyze performance and create ad schedules.

Will the Hour of the Week tool override any ad schedules I have on AdWords?

In the tool, you can set up bid adjustments at account or campaign level. When you select at campaign level (one at the time), the current ad schedules on your account will be displayed in the tool's graph. 

If you make a change with the tool in Optmyzr, it will override any previous hourly bid adjustments that were there for the campaign in AdWords, and they will be replaced with the changes you're applying. This is because our system has to rewrite all the hourly bid adjustments and replace them with what you've set. 

If you want to keep the ad schedule you have in AdWords, you can keep it by making changes around it. For example, if your ad schedule is to lower the bid, any change above zero (marked zones), won't affect the configuration you want to keep.

Will the Hour of the Week tool override any bid adjustments I set up using Automated Rules?

The Automated Rules can pause a whole entity (campaign), whatever the settings are (like the ad schedule). If the start time of the automated rule is before/after the ad schedule time, it won't affect the ad schedule. But if they coincide, the Automated Rule will override any ad schedule you have. 

For example, if you run the automated rule on the weekend, and the ad schedule (through the HOW) during the week, the automated rule won't pause the ad schedule because it won't be working.

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