Keyword De-Duper - Troubleshooting

Why don't I see duplicate keywords in the Keyword De-Duper?

The Keyword De-duper may not show suggestions for any of the reasons below:

  1. Duplicates are not active: The Keyword De-duper only analyzes active keywords. If you have duplicate keywords in the account but they are not active, the system will not show them in the optimization.
  2. Duplicates have zero impressions: The Keyword De-duper only analyzes active keywords that have received at least one impression. It won't take into account active keywords with zero impressions. This is because we want you to focus on the most important suggestions and if they haven't received traffic, they are not really competing.
  3. Different match types: This optimization only recognizes those keywords that have the same match type as duplicates. If the same keyword is present in different match types, it will now show up in the list of suggestions.
  4. Duplicates across campaigns: There are two modes in the Keyword De-duper. The default mode shows duplicates in the same campaign and the other mode shows duplicates across campaigns. You can switch the mode from top right corner. When the tools shows duplicates across campaigns, it makes sure the campaign criteria matches. If all the campaign criteria (like targeting, language etc.) doesn't match, the keywords are not considered duplicates and therefore not shown. 

If the duplicates that you see in your AdWords account don't fall under the above categories, write to us ( with an example of an active duplicate keyword that is not showing up in the Keyword DeDuper, we will investigate it further. 

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