Keyword De-Duper - User Guide

What is the Keyword De-Duper?

Duplicate keywords are same keywords present more than once in the same AdWords account. They compete against each other and end up dividing the traffic. The Keyword De-Duper optimization helps you to find duplicate keywords in your AdWords account within the same campaign or, across campaigns and recommends which duplicates you should keep and which ones you should pause.

What does it do?

It finds absolute duplicate keywords in your AdWords account - both within and across campaigns. Optmyzr analyzes the data and the system only suggest the best performing duplicate keyword to keep. The other duplicates can be paused from within the Optmyzr interface with just a click. 

How does it work?

The system uses an algorithm to analyze the data and the performance, and it suggests the best performing duplicate keyword to keep and which ones should be paused. The other keywords can be paused from your Optmyzr account with just one click! 

The Basic mode looks for keywords with the same match type in the same campaign, and the Advanced mode looks for keywords with the same match type across campaigns.

To make sure it suggests exact duplicates (same network targeting and same match type), our system checks for campaign settings like target networks, advertising channels, language, location, age range, carrier, operating system version, mobile device, gender, proximity, platform, and Ad schedule. 

If the same keyword is present in two campaigns (for example, one targeting the US and the other targeting Australia), the system will not consider it a duplicate. 

The suggestions by Optmyzr only show duplicates that have had at least one impression.

Why should you remove duplicate keywords?

AdWords has to choose between the duplicate keywords to enter in the ad auction, getting the traffic divided, and affecting the performance. Sometimes, none of the duplicates get enough data to determine whether they are performing well or not, what affects the data collection that is required for the optimization.

How to use it?

Selecting parameters

You can choose to use one of two modes:

  • Basic Mode: Look for keywords with the same match type in the same campaign (default).
  • Advanced Mode: Look for keywords with the same match type across campaigns.

Select the keywords you want to keep and press Apply Changes. The system will keep the selected keywords and will automatically pause the rest.

If you need to export the suggestions, you can download a CSV file or an AdWords Editor file.

Why don't I see duplicate keywords across campaigns?

It might be because the campaign criteria (target location, language, ad schedule, etc.) is not the same for the campaigns that have the same keywords. The optimization doesn't consider them as duplicates, and it will only show results if the keywords have the exact match type, and the campaigns have the same criteria. 


  • You shouldn't have the same keyword (with the same match type, geographic and network targeting) in an AdWords account.
  • We recommend using this optimization every two weeks (14 days). In case you add keywords more regularly,  you should run it more often.

You can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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