Keyword Lasso - Troubleshooting

Why don't I see any suggestions in Keyword Lasso for my AdWords and Bing account?

  • All the campaigns are paused; the system only shows suggestions for active campaigns.
  • There are no active search campaigns in the account.
  • There are no suggestions matching the selected filters. For example, if you've selected the filter 'Conversions' and there are no search terms with conversions, you won't see suggestions. In this case, you can try a different filter level or use custom filters to create your own.

Why do I see more suggestions in the search terms report in AdWords than Keyword Lasso?

  • By default, the optimization shows a curated list of suggestions (Top Suggestions). To see all suggestions, turn on the Turbo Mode and select CTR or Conversions in the filters.
  • To avoid duplication, Keyword Lasso only shows search terms that are not already present in your AdWords account.
  • It only shows search terms that have had at least one click.

After considering the conditions above, if you still find that you're seeing fewer suggestions in Keyword Lasso, contact

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