Negative Keyword Finder - Troubleshooting

Why don't I see any suggestions in the Negative Keyword Finder optimization?

The Negative Keyword Finder optimization analyzes individual words from the search terms report that have not converted to find potential negative keywords. You may not see suggestions in this optimization because of one of the following reasons:

  • The search terms that have not converted may have received very little traffic. The system usually requires a minimum threshold to make recommendations. For example, you won't see search terms that have 1 impression and 1 click in the list. To remove the traffic threshold and to see all suggestions, enable the Turbo Mode.
  • The optimization only analyzes search terms from search campaigns and not shopping campaigns. If the account has only shopping campaigns or display campaigns, you won't see suggestions.
  • The optimization doesn't show suggestions that are already present as negative keywords in the account.

Why don't I see the negative keywords applied through the Negative Keyword Finder in a campaign?

The Negative Keyword Finder only adds the keywords to shared negative lists. You can confirm the same in your AdWords account under "Shared Library" as shown in the screenshot attached. If the negative keywords that were added through the optimization don't show up in the shared negative list they were added in, please contact us on

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