Create View - User Guide

What is the Create View feature?

All optimizations show suggestions based on a default date range and filter selection. The data columns are also preselected. The Create View feature lets you change these default settings and save them for future use. 

For example, in the Keyword Lasso if you always analyze search terms for the last 30 days and use a custom filter, you can create a view with these settings and save it as the default. The next time you open the Keyword Lasso it will load up with these default settings and you won't have to spend time editing them.

The Create View feature is available for most of the One-Click Optimizations™ like Keyword Lasso, Negative Keyword Finder, First Page Bridger, Conversion Grabber. 

How to use it?

On the right side of the page, you'll see a 'Create View' drop down. Clicking on it will bring up the options below by default.

  • System Default - This is the default view which you will get to see when the tool loads up. It will use a default date range, set of data columns and filter.
  • Save Current View - This will let you create your own view based on date range, columns, and filters. You can save the view (date range, columns, and filters that are selected at that time) and the next time when you load the tool, it will load with the saved view. This way you would not need to define the settings every single time. 

Once you create a view and save it as the default, the tool will always load with the custom view setting. That way, you won't need to define the settings every time you access the tool.

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