Turbo Mode in Optimizations

How to get more suggestions in the Optimizations

The default suggestions in Optmyzr's optimizations require a minimum amount of data to make them very relevant. While this data-driven methodology works very well for accounts that have a sizable amount of traffic, it may not show a lot of suggestions for accounts that are still growing.

How does it work?

Optmyzr lowers the traffic threshold required to show optimization suggestions and gives you access to a larger, less-refined data set.

You can:

  • Build Your Own Filters: By removing our minimum data thresholds, you will get more suggestions. This enables you to use your own custom filters to implement your own optimization strategy. 
  • Apply New Optimizations: When our filters are removed, it enables you to perform functions beyond the intended scope of the optimization. For example, when you turn on Turbo Mode in Keyword Lasso, you can use our workflow to add negative keywords based on search query data. In the Non-Converting Keywords optimization, you can find keywords that have a high clickthrough rate but zero conversions which probably means that these are good keywords leading to irrelevant or broken landing pages.

How can Turbo Mode help you? Read more about how to use the Turbo Mode in our blog post.

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