Keyword Match Type Report - User Guide

What does it do?

The Keyword Match Type Report script can be used to view distribution of keywords by match type (Exact, Phrase, Broad) in your AdWords account. It allows performance comparison for the match types by looking at aggregate impressions, clicks, cost, CTR and conversion data for each match type and lets you know how well your strategy is performing. It creates a new Google Spreadsheet that contains a table with all the results as well as a chart of how the different match types perform.

Why should you use it?

  • Find accounts that are not using a good mix of keyword match types. 

For example, if all keywords are broad match, the account could probably benefit from the addition of other match types.

  • If exact match type is working very well, then broad match type for this particular keyword can also be experimented with.
  • Compare the performance of exact match keywords to broad match keywords to help you find the correct bid when you add new keywords of a particular match type to the account. 

For example, if you know that exact match keywords convert at twice the rate of broad match keywords, you might want to bid twice as much for an exact match as for a broad match.

  • Read more about the match types here.

How does it work?

Choose the account you want to run the script in and go to the All Enhanced Scripts page. On this page select the Keyword Match Type Report script. 

You can either create a new setting by selecting 'Create new setting' or 'Copy setting from an existing account'. To create a new setting, follow the steps below:

Setting Name:
Enter the name you want to give to the setting. One script can have multiple settings for the same account. You can choose to pause and enable settings as you wish. For example, categorize campaigns based on the products in the campaigns.

Email Addresses to Notify:
If you'd like to let someone know after the script has run, enter their email addresses here. Multiple email addresses can be entered using a comma separated list. Please see the snapshot below.

How to install and run the enhanced script?

After entering the details for the setting, click on 'Save settings'. This will give you an option to 'Download' the script which can then be installed in the AdWords account. For detailed steps on how to install a script in AdWords, read this article. This script can also be run at the MCC level. This article explains how to install and run enhanced scripts at the MCC level. 

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