Report Hourly Stats - User Guide

What does it do?

The Report Hourly Stats Enhanced Scripts allows you to view hour-by-hour progression of your account performance. It runs once every hour, and stores the daily stats for the selected metrics during every hour of your defined time.

Why should you use it?

  • It automatically gets hourly stats for your most important campaigns, ad groups and keywords from AdWords.
  • It keeps track of attributes that the AdWords system does not provide historical data for. For example, you can use this script to record the Quality Score of your most important keywords every hour. AdWords does not store historical QS so the only way to get this data is to save it.
  • It understands the delivery curve for your ads, so you can understand if most of your budget is spent at a particular time of the day. 
  • It records stats to know which time of the day has most conversions.
  • You can monitor your top 10 most important keywords more closely than the rest of your account by automatically putting their latest stats into a spreadsheet, which you can then use to feed into a dashboard.

How does it work?

Choose the account you want to run the script in and go to the All Enhanced Scripts page. On this page select the Report Hourly Stats script. 

You can either create a new setting by selecting 'Create new setting' or 'Copy setting from an existing account'. To create a new setting, follow the steps below:

Basic Settings

Setting Name:
Enter the name you want to give the setting. One script can have multiple settings for the same account. You can choose to pause and enable settings as you wish. 

Name of Label to Track:
Specify which items to include in the report by using an AdWords label. Enter the exact name of the label that you applied to the items in AdWords that should be included in this report. This can be helpful if you have a very large account or well-segregated campaigns based on product category. For example, if you put 'Brand' in this field, the script will run for all campaigns that have 'Brand' in their name. 

Sort Results by this Metric:
When you have set a numerical limit for how many keywords, ad groups, or campaigns to include in the report, use this field to determine the sort order so that the report will include the items in the order which is most important to you.

E-mail Addresses to Notify:
You can enter the comma separated email addresses of your team members who should receive a notification every time a new report is ready. 

Advanced Settings

Maximum Number of Campaigns to Track:
If you collect hourly data for all campaigns, you may quickly exceed the capacity of a Google sheet. So we give the option to either specify which campaigns to include (using AdWords label) or the maximum number of campaigns to be tracked. We recommend to track up to 50 campaigns.

Maximum Number of Ad Groups to Track:
Specify which ad groups to include in the report by using an AdWords label or you can specify the maximum numeric value. We recommended no more than 50.

Maximum Number of Keywords to Track:
If you collect hourly data for all keywords, you may quickly exceed the capacity of a Google sheet. So, you can either specify which keywords to include in the report by using an AdWords label or you can specify the maximum number of keywords to include with this field. We recommended no more than 50.

Share Results Spreadsheet with these Google Accounts:
The email address associated with the Google account of everyone who should have access to the spreadsheet generated by this script. Use a comma separated list for multiple email addresses. Save the settings.

How to install and run the enhanced script?

After entering the details for the setting, click on 'Save settings'. This will give you an option to 'Download' the script which can then be installed in the AdWords account. For detailed steps on how to install a script in AdWords, read this article. This script can also be run at the MCC level. This article explains how to install and run enhanced scripts at the MCC level.

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