Data Discrepancies in Reports

Performance data for Callout Ad Extensions missing in Ad Extension Widget

The reason you may not see data for metrics such as clicks and conversions in Ad Extensions widget which is present in Google Ads is because Google Ads reports this data for All Extensions, it is not just for a specific Extension.

The clicks that you see by default against the extension are for any click that happened on the ad when the extension showed. This is the case with other metrics as well. The data you see in the reporting widget in Optmyzr is for that specific extension. It is possible to see this data in Google Ads by selecting the segment 'This Extension vs. Other'. That will show you how many clicks that extension actually got and how many clicks other extensions got when this extension showed. 

In Google Ads, you can segment the data and the numbers you see for 'This Extension' should match what you see in the Optmyzr widget. The reason we show data in this manner is because the numbers you see in Google Ads under the default setting can be misleading.

I'm seeing a discrepancy between the Avg. Position data in the KPI cluster, the Top Campaigns table, and in my Google Ads account. 

This discrepancy may sometimes happen as the Average Position is being reported both at campaign and at account level, and the Google Ads API returns a result rounded off to 1 decimal place. 

For the KPI Cluster, the account-level report is being pulled, and for Top Campaigns Table, the campaign-lever report is the one being pulled, and as these are two different reports, the granularity of the data from the Google Ads API changes.

For example, let's say that on one side, the Campaign Performance report (a campaign-level report) shows data of an average position of 1.6. 

We then see the performance data for the KPI cluster, which is segmented by network and device, and we get three rows of data for different networks: 

Network 1 - Impressions =1114 & Avg. Position =1.8
Network 2 - Impressions =4964 & Avg. Position =1.6
Network 3 - Impressions =1994 & Avg. Position =1.7 

To get the value for the Avg. Position, we'd need to average the above information as Sum(Impressions x Avg. Position) / Sum(Impressions). 

In the example above, this would return an Avg. Position of 1.652, which is rounded off to 1 decimal place by Google Ads, returning a 1.7 through the API.

Why am I seeing higher number of impressions & clicks in Google Ads compared to Optmyzr?

Google Ads segments data in two ways - Advertising Channel (Search, Shopping, Display, Video) and Networks (Google Search, Search Partners, Display, YouTube Search, YouTube) and there is some overlap between the two. For example, Search is an advertising channel as well as a network. However, when you look at Google Search as a network, it includes data from both normal search campaigns and shopping campaigns because the traffic is coming from there. When you look at Search under channels it does not include data from shopping campaigns. It only includes data from search campaigns.

In Google Ads, when you select a campaign type on the left (Search, Shopping, Display...) it selects the advertising channel and not the network. In Optmyzr when you select Google search, it selects the network. The data you're seeing in Google Ads is only for search campaigns on Google search, it does not include data from shopping campaigns. In Optmyzr, when you select Google Search, it includes data from search and shopping campaigns. The difference in data is what is coming from shopping campaigns.

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