Create GRIP Structure - User Guide

Convert existing campaigns into single item id product groups

What does it do?

The Create Grip Structure tool lets you convert existing shopping campaigns into the GRIP (Group of Individual Products) structure without losing historical performance data.

As you already know, the lowest level you can bid at in a shopping campaign is the product group. This is similar to bidding for keywords in a search campaign but the difference is that in a shopping campaign, a product group can have 100 items or a single item, depending on how the product group is structured. 

The Create GRIP Structure tool enables you to create a separate product group for each item in your feed, which means it lets you bid individually for each item in the feed. This is beneficial because now you don't have to set the same bid for a product that costs $50 and another that costs $250. It also lets you monitor performance and manage ROAS at a product level. 

Why use the GRIP structure?

  • No restructuring required, as it works with existing campaign structures.
  • Preserves historical data. It splits out existing ad groups so historical data is not lost.
  • Higher ROI: It enables you to manage bids for each product which results in better performance and higher ROI.
  • Saves time: You can create thousands of products groups within minutes.

For more information on how the GRIP structure helps manage bids, read this blog post.

  • If you're building a new shopping campaign, the Shopping Campaign Builder lets you create the GRIP structure in minutes. For existing shopping campaigns, you can use the Create GRIP tool. 
  • To manage bids for campaigns that have the GRIP structure, you can use the Shopping Attribute Bidder

How does the tool work?

The Create GRIP tool analyses the structure of your shopping campaign and finds ad groups that have more than one item per product group. These product groups are then further split where each item gets its own product group.

How to use it?

The Create GRIP tool is a Pro and Enterprise level feature, and is available under the Optimizations tab, through the Utility Tools. 

First, select the campaign you want to create individual product groups for (left). The tool will analyze the campaign and show recommendations. Check the number of new GRIPs or product groups that are going to be created (right).

To view the new product groups that are suggested, click on the ad group name.

Select the ad groups you want to create new product groups in, and click on Apply Changes to upload new product groups to AdWords.

Pro Tip: The bids can be edited in bulk using the Shopping Bidder after changes are applied.

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