Link a Merchant Center to Optmyzr

Link Merchant Feed to Optmyzr

Before you can use the Shopping Builder or Shopping Refresher for the first time, you'll have to link the Merchant Center Login email and then the individual product feed (Merchant Child Account).

After linking the Merchant Center Login email, enter the Merchant Account ID (product feed id) to link that specific feed. You can link the Merchant Account and Product Feed on the Manage Merchant Feeds page. Only individual product feeds can be linked.

If you enter an MCC Merchant Account ID, you will not be able to link the feed to Optmyzr because it is an umbrella account that has other child accounts under it. It doesn't have any product feeds under it.

Resync your Merchant Feed

Before you use any of the Shopping tools (Shopping Builder, Shopping Refresher, Shopping Attribute Bidder and Shopping Refresher Pro), we recommend you always re-syncing your feed with Optmyzr

Using an old feed may result in inconsistent results.

You can do it through:

  • The Main Dashboard

  • The shopping tool page

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