Hour of the Week - FAQ

The Hour of the Week tool aggregates hourly performance data and allows you to see which day of the week and hour of the day gets you the highest traffic and conversions/sales. Based on this data, you can increase bids for time slots that are profitable and use ad scheduling in AdWords to not show ads during time slots that are wasting money.

Is it possible to export the data from the tool?

Yes, you can download the report in a CSV format to analyze the data in Excel.

Can I use this data to set hourly bid modifiers?

Yes, you can use the Hour of the Week Bid Modifier optimization to do this. 

Which time zone does the tool use?

The Hour of the Week tool uses the time zone set in your AdWords account.

Which day marks the start of the week in Hour of the Week Analysis?

The week in the Hour of the Week starts on Sunday. 

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