How do I manage labels?

Optmyzr Labels

Optmyzr labels allow you to organise the Campaigns in an AdWords account. Optmyzr labels are only visible in Optmyzr and cannot be accessed in AdWords. They do not make any changes in your AdWords account as this can only be used for campaign segmentation purposes in Optmyzr. You can create and manage Optmyzr labels through the following link:

Using Optmyzr labels you can:

  • Report on multiple campaigns or on multiple labels (Optmyzr and AdWords labels) using the Campaign Selector widget and/or the Labels widget. 

  • Optimize a label selection at a time in One-Click Optimizations

Optmyzr labels can be overwritten but not deleted. If you need to tag campaigns and have the information available on AdWords, we recommend you to use AdWords labels. Currently, Optmyzr supports only campaign level labels.

AdWords Labels

Labels created in Adwords can help you organize the elements in your account into groups so you can quickly filter and report on the data you are interested in. You can manage them directly in your AdWords account and once created, they will be immediately accessible in your Optmyzr account.

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