What does 'Campaign Selectors not configured for this account' mean?

When you open a report template that is using the Campaign Selector widget for an account that doesn't have Campaign Selectors configured, this message appears. By default, the data for the whole account is shown. 

Why does this happen?

Report templates are stored at the Optmyzr account level and can be used across accounts. However, reports that use Campaign Selectors need to be configured at the account level the first time. This is because the names of campaigns and labels will be different across AdWords accounts. 

How can I fix it?

If you want to run the report at the account level, and if you choose to use Campaign Selectors, you can click on the Configure button. This will take you to the report designer where you can configure the Campaign Selector widgets for that AdWords account. Be sure to check the data widgets in the report as well before saving. 

Do I need to configure this every time I run a report?

The Campaign Selector configuration is saved at the AdWords account level for each report, and the system remembers it. For example, when you configure Campaign Selectors for "Account A" in "Report A" the system will remember it and when you run "Report A" for "Account A" next time, so you won't have to re-configure.

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