Report Designer - Troubleshooting

Can't change the custom date range

The custom date range option in our tools lets you select a start date that is before the end date. For example, if your end date is set to June 30, 2015, then you'll only see the option to select a start date before that date. 

To choose a start date after that date (in case you want to select a different date range), you'll have change the end date first.

Why do I see data in the Top Placements widget for search-only campaigns?

The placements that are showing up for search-only campaigns in the Top Placement widget are parked domains on Search Partners. The API can pull this data and make it visible. If you unselect 'Search Partners' in the widget, they won't show.

Why don't I see an option to configure the Report Template for another account?

This can be because of a local network issue when there is a firewall or plugin that is blocking the report from loading it. To figure this out, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the report in an incognito window. This will let you check if a plugin is causing the problem.
  2. If you see the same issue even in the incognito window, send us a screenshot of the error message you see in the console. Details below:
  3. Press Cmd+Alt+I (for MAC) or F12 (for Windows), a console window will open up below your page. In this window click on the Console tab and send us a screenshot of the error message you see at

Can't see labels in the Campaign Selector drop down

To see the labels in the Campaign Selector widget, you need to create them in your Optmyzr account or AdWords account first. If you want to create labels in Optmyzr, you can use the Manage Labels feature. Once you create them, they will start showing in the Campaign Selector widget along with any AdWords labels you have available.

Why is the Quality Score widget showing N/A for my account in the Report Designer?

It might be because you are looking at QS data for a date before the day you linked your account to Optmyzr. Our system starts pulling and storing the Quality Score data from the day the account is added to Optmyzr. There is no historical QS data available in AdWords, and we can only show it from the date the AdWords account was added to Optmyzr.

The Geo HeatMap widget appears to be split across two pages. How can I fix this?

The Geo HeatMap widget sometimes gets split in the PDF version of the report. We have been working to fix this, but it seems like a bug with the Google Maps API which is making it difficult to correct. Meanwhile, a workaround is  to save the report from the browser using the Ctrl+P functionality in Chrome. You can follow these steps to save the report as a PDF in Chrome:

  1. Open the report in Chrome
  2. Press Ctrl+P/Cmd+P to open the print window
  3. Save as PDF instead of printing it
  4. Make sure the backgrounds and colors option is checked

Can't see images in Top Images widget

We are only able to show images that are uploaded as images in AdWords. Currenly, is not possible to show template ads (created using the Display Ad Builder in AdWords) as Google doesn't return images for template ads. 

Why am I seeing higher number of impressions & clicks in AdWords compared to Optmyzr?

AdWords segments data in two ways - Advertising Channel (Search, Shopping, Display, Video) and Networks (Google Search, Search Partners, Display, YouTube Search, YouTube) and there is some overlap between the two. For example, Search is an advertising channel as well as a network. However, when you look at Google Search as a network, it includes data from both normal search campaigns and shopping campaigns because the traffic is coming from there. When you look at Search under channels it does not include data from shopping campaigns. It only includes data from search campaigns.

In AdWords, when you select a campaign type on the left (Search, Shopping, Display...) it selects the advertising channel and not the network. In Optmyzr when you select Google search, it selects the network. The data you're seeing in AdWords is only for search campaigns on Google search, it does not include data from shopping campaigns. In Optmyzr, when you select Google Search, it includes data from search and shopping campaigns. The difference in data is what is coming from shopping campaigns. 

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