Why do scheduled reports fail?

When an automatically scheduled report fails to be sent, the Optmyzr user who created the schedule receives a notification email. There can be many reasons for not receiving scheduled reports from Optmyzr. A list of reasons and how they can be fixed are mentioned below

Optmyzr User Not Found

The report fails to send when the user email address is not found in the system. This usually happens when the team member who created the report schedule no longer has access to the Optmyzr account. To fix this issue, you need to email support@optmyzr.com, with the name and the Optmyzr email ID of the person to whom the ownership of the scheduled reports needs to be transferred to, and we will make the necessary change in the back end.

Lost Access to AdWords Account

To generate a scheduled report, the system pulls data from the AdWords account. However, sometimes the system is not able to generate the report because Optmyzr doesn’t have access to the AdWords account. To fix this, re-link the relevant AdWords email to give Optmyzr access to pull data for the reports from AdWords. You can do this on the link another account page

If you would like to change the MCC email the AdWords account is linked from, email support@optmyzr.com and send us the email address you want to link the AdWords account from. We'll make the change in the backend.

Report Template Not Found

The report template that was used to schedule the report is not found by the system. It is possible that the report template was deleted from the system, therefore the reports you scheduled through that template failed to be sent. In order to continue receiving the reports, you will have to create another template and setup the scheduled report again. Or, you can delete the scheduled report on the My Scheduled Reports page.

Widgets Not Configured Correctly

The widgets in the report might be giving an error. Even if one widget is not generating the data correctly the scheduled report will fail. You need to preview each widget in the report design to identify which widget is causing the error. Very often the Google Analytics widgets cause the problem. If the Google Analytics widget is not generating data correctly, you can fix it by following the steps in this help article - Why do Analytics Widgets in reports not show any data?

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