Different Scripts Errors

Preliminary checks to detect reason for errors in scripts

  • Check if the script has been copied correctly into AdWords: The entire contents of the file you downloaded from Optmyzr should be placed in the AdWords Script. In other words, your AdWords Script should be the exact same as the code you downloaded from us.
  • If you are using a script that is NOT an Enhanced Script™: check if all the values that had to be replaced in the script (like campaign name, date range etc.) have been replaced.

Error when creating labels:

If the script creates labels, you may get an error in the preview mode. This is because AdWords doesn't allow labels to be created in the preview mode. When you run the script it should be fine.

If everything looks right but you're still seeing an error:

Send us an email at support@optmyzr.com with the following details:

  1. Name of the script.
  2. The exact error message you see. You can attach a screenshot of the error message as well.
  3. A copy of the script code you are using in your AdWords account.
  4. Some Enhanced Scripts™ have a setting to include additional logging details. It's helpful to turn on both of these options, then run the script, and include the full logs generated by AdWords in your message to us.

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