Shopping Bidder - User Guide

What is the Shopping Bidder?

The Shopping Bidder optimization makes setting the correct CPC bid for your shopping ads a quick and easy process. It enables you to set bids for thousands of product groups in a matter of minutes. New bids can be uploaded to AdWords with a single click.

What does the tool do?

This optimizations allows you to filter product groups based on performance, and lets you increase or decrease bids in bulk. You can use one of the preset filters/strategies or create your own using Custom Filters. By default the system shows product groups that have a ROAS (return on ad spend) > 100%.

Why should you use it? 

  • You get all the biddable items for your entire account on a single page.
  • You can filter product groups to see just ROAS positive, ROAS negative, or you can apply a custom filter using your own criteria like clicks, cost, impressions, etc.
  • You can change bids in bulk for all the items that meet your filter criteria, for example, lower all bids 10% for ROAS negative items with at least ten clicks in the past 30 days.
  • With one click, you can send the new bids to AdWords where they go live instantly.

How to use it?

You can access this tool under the Optimizations tab, and in "For Shopping Campaigns". You can also access the optimization directly here

Selecting Parameters

Select one, multiple or all campaigns in an AdWords account using this option.

Date Range:
The time period the system will use to analyze data and display results.

Last 7 days changes:
This is a fail safe that prevents you from changing the bid for the same product groups every day. The system automatically hides product groups for which bid changes have been made in the last seven days through the Shopping Bidder. You can switch it over to "Show" to see all product groups.

Advanced Settings:
You can roll up product groups to the lowest level that meets the data threshold selected. You can read more about how it works here. Sometimes individual product groups don't have enough data. This feature enables you to aggregate data to make bid decisions.


You can choose one of the following filters to display suggestions:

ROAS > 100%: 
Product groups with a return on ad spend greater than a 100% (default).

ROAS < 100%: 
Product groups with a return on ad spend that is less than a 100%.

Show All: 
All product groups irrespective of performance.

Custom Filters
You can select additional metrics to filter the results further or automate your optimization strategy by applying custom filters on the 'Show All' filter.

Changing Bids

When changing the bids, you can choose to do so manually (M on screenshot below) or using any of the automatic choices from the "Set Bids" option (A on screenshot below).

  • Set to: Set up the bid by a fixed amount of money (the currency will depend on your AdWords currency).
  • Increase by: Increase the bid by a percentage or by an amount of money.
  • Decrease by: reduce the bid by a percentage or by an amount of money.

Once you've update your bid selection, the New CPC column will automatically show the new bids. 

After you finish making changes, you can click the "Apply Changes" button, and the bids will be updated in your AdWords account. 

You can read about troubleshooting questions here.

Demo Video 

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