Chart Widgets

Use Chart Widgets to report on performance of metrics for different segments and/or over a period of time. The category of Chart widgets has three sub-types of charts. These trend and pie charts will let you report on performance of key metrics on different segments in an easy to visualize manner. 

Use Case:

1. Monitor contribution of impressions, clicks, conversions, etc received on different segments like campaigns, ad group, network etc.
2. Report on absolute performance numbers of account by campaigns, ad groups, network and devices.

Metric Trend Chart 

This trend chart lets you compare performance of different metric over a selected date range . There are multiple visualizations available to choose from to compare the performance of the two metrics. Snapshot below explains the steps to use the widget. 


Segment Pie Chart

It reports on performance spread of selected metric on different segments like devices, network, campaigns and ad groups. You can choose among bar, column and pie charts to report on metrics performance split on different variables of a segment. Eg: Report on Impressions received by account on all devices.


Segment Trend Chart

This chart type lets you report on the performance of a metric on different segment variables like devices, network, campaigns and ad groups over a date range. Eg: View Conversion trends of a segment like devices, networks, etc. over a selected date range.


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