Amazon Ads Optimizations

Manage Amazon Advertising more efficiently with Optmyzr.

Automatically improve your ad targeting by adding keywords based on search terms performance.

Hit your goals for ACOS, or improve your rank by staying within the suggested bid range automatically.

Contact us to request access to the Amazon beta. Free trial for new users. Included for existing users.

Keyword Optimizations

Automate keyword discovery and management.

  • Find New Keywords

    When new search terms start to drive sales and orders, they can automatically be added as new keywords with the appropriate bid.

  • Find Negative Keywords

    If a search term is spending too much and not driving sales, it can be added as a negative keyword automatically. You control the thresholds for excessive spend, or you can base the threshold on account or campaign averages.

Automate bid changes for Amazon Ads

Bid Optimizations

Hit a target ACOS or maintain a high position for your sponsored products.

  • Target ACOS Bidding

    Be profitable by keeping ACOS in check. Set a target ACOS and Optmyzr can calculate the right bid for your ads every day.

  • Bid within suggested range

    Amazon suggests a bid range as well as a recommended bid for keywords. Optmyzr can automatically bid based on the recommended values using your preferences.