Custom Solutions

Optmyzr can connect your business logic to Google Ads and Bing Ads to make it more scalable and automated.

Your Ideas

You have a cool new idea for how to advertise through Google or Bing...

+ Our Team

We have a team that can scope, build, run, and maintain the code...

= Results

Together, we can run some awesome campaigns. Contact us today and let's talk!

A few things we've done...

The sky's the limit when your marketing team gets access to world-class engineers who can build custom solutions. Here are some things we've done to help our clients get better results from Google Ads and Bing Ads:

  • Connect Ads With Inventory

    We can automate inventory based ads so you only advertise products that are in stock, and show the right prices.

  • Bid by Weather

    We can change bids based on the weather, your margins, the stock market, or any other signal you want.

  • Coordinate Online & Offline Ads

    We can enable your online campaigns right when your offline ads air on TV, radio, or in the newspaper.

  • Automate Optmyzr Workflows

    We can turn one of our One-Click Optimizations™ into a fully automated process.

Benefits of Using the Ads API

More Scalable

Unlike Google Ads scripts, the Ads API never times out, can be scheduled to run as often as your business needs, and works on as many accounts as you'd like.

If scripts have become too limiting to do what your business needs, the API lets you get to the next level.

More Efficient

If you can write down the process you currently go through to do something, we can turn that into code that does it all automatically.

Our engineers are ads experts and can help you improve your process while also automating it. We'll even keep the code working when Google Ads changes things on their end (which they do a lot).

More Customizable

If your current solution leaves you wanting just a little bit more, a custom API solution can give you exactly what you need.

Custom solutions can incorporate any data you have access to, whether it's your proprietary company database, spreadsheets, or a third party data source.

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