PPC Scripts Solutions

Optmyzr has written the following scripts for you. To use them, simply add settings for each account for which you want to run the script, and copy-and-paste Optmyzr's code into Google Ads.

Read our detailed instructions about how our patent pending Enhanced Scripts work and how to use them for MCC Google Ads accounts.

Reporting Scripts

Account Quality Score Report

Get an email with details about account-level Quality Score.

Ad Template Report

Find the best pieces of ad text from common phrases you're using across your account and use these insights to build better performing ads.

Compare Date Range

Find out how metrics have changed between 2 date ranges, for example during the 2 weeks before and after an optimization.

Keyword Match Type Report

Lin Rodnitzky Ratio

Get an update on this benchmark metric of how efficiently an account is managing keywords and queries.

Match Type Performance By Ad Group

Get a report with the performance metrics for different keyword match types in each ad group.

Performance By Keyword And Query Type

Get a report showing the key metrics for keywords with different match types and of different word lengths to help you see if your keyword strategy is working.

Report Hourly Stats

Save metrics about the account, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to a Google Spreadsheet every hour to help you understand intra-day patterns of activity for your account.

Bid and Budget Scripts

Advanced Budgets - Pause When Things Spend Too Much

Automatically pause keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns, or entire accounts when they spend more than the allowed daily, weekly, or monthly budget. Automatically re-enable items when a new budget period starts.

Bid Rule Engine

Automate your bidding rules for keywords and ad groups using different lookback windows and different ways to aggregate data to reach statistical significance. Integrate data from a spreadsheet into your own bidding logic. Quickly set up CPA, ROAS or position-based rules from our templates or create your own advanced formulas.

Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts

Set hourly bid adjustments in AdWords and show ads with the right bids to optimize your CPA and ROAS no matter what time of day it is.

Set Campaign Daily Budgets To Meet Target Monthly Spend

Update the daily budget of a campaign or shared budget every day to help you spend the full budget allocated for the month.


Create Ads From Spreadsheet

Create and maintain entire campaigns using data from a spreadsheet. This tool creates ad groups, ad texts and keywords based on your template settings and can even pause ad groups that are no longer needed. An ideal way to quickly create massive new campaigns, or to keep your AdWords in synch with your inventory.

Emergency Stop Button

Quickly stop all ads leading to a website that is down and resume all ads that were previously active just as quickly as soon as your website is restored.

Generate Text Ad Bulksheets

Generate a spreadsheet that can be used to quickly add new ads to your account in bulk when it's time to add new seasonal creatives, or when ad groups are no longer running enough ad tests.

Alert Scripts

Anomaly Detector

Get an alert whenever an account's key metrics deviate more than expected from normal levels based on typical patterns for the given day of the week and hour of the day. See the status of all your accounts in a single spreadsheet that can serve as a mini dashboard.

Check Destination URLs

Automatically checks for broken landing pages with 404 errors or a piece of text that indicates the product is out of stock. This tool can pause keywords and ads or send a notification email for manual action.

Check Sitelink URLs

Automatically checks for broken sitelink URLs that have 404 errors or that contain a phrase that indicates the product is out of stock. This tool can automatically pause sitelinks or send a notification if your prefer to take manual action.

Always run Google Ads Scripts in preview mode before setting up an automatic schedule.