Tools To Help You Sell More Cars Online

90% of prospective car buyers turn to Google to find a dealer.
Optmyzr helps you capture that demand.

Stand Out With Better Online Ads.

Show the right ad, to the right user, at the right time with Optmyzr's PPC tools.

PPC Tools For Automotive

Shift your car sales into high gear with PPC tools developed with the needs of car dealers in mind.

Inventory Based Campaigns

Automatically show ads based on your current inventory and pricing.

Hit your sales and lead-gen goals by automating your advanced bid management rules.

Prices and Incentives In Ads

Create better ads that lead to more sales and leads.

Budget Automation

Change budgets dynamically to ensure you have fresh leads when you want more sales.

Dealership Reporting

Integrate data from multiple sources in easy-to-read, automated reports for dealers.

Try all the tools FREE for 2 weeks. If they help you, continue with one of our affordable plans.

Thanks to Optmyzr we can now show ads that reflect our current inventory, pricing, and incentives in a fraction of the time it used to take, and all at a cost that preserves our agency's margins.

- Mike Blackmore, Harms Auto Group, Alberta

Optmyzr integrates really well into our systems and makes it much easier than before to keep our ads in sync with current inventory.

- David Johnson, CMO, Partner, 3GEngagement

Inventory Driven Campaigns

Keep AdWords in sync with your current inventory of new and used vehicles.

Create and Maintain Relevant Ad Campaigns

Optmyzr connects with your Dealership Management System (DMS) and updates AdWords based on current inventory and specials.

  • Integrated With Dealership Data

    Optmyzr can use your DMS, database, or spreadsheet to pull the latest inventory to keep ads up-to-date.

  • Automate Prices in Ads

    Updates to pricing and special discounts will be included in your ads within 1 hour through our automated ad parameters.

Bid Automation

Automate your own bidding logic. Save time while remaining 100% in control.

Bid Management

Optmyzr automates bid management with flexible rules that can use offline conversion data. Prebuilt rules get you started quickly, or customize your own rules. Set bids for keywords, ad groups, or set bid adjustments to improve dayparting, geo and device performance.

  • Prebuilt Rules

    Find bid management opportunities that boost traffic, increase conversions, and reduce wasted spend.

  • Automated Bids

    Build rules using a simple 'if this, then that' syntax and run them as often as hourly.

  • Set Bid Adjustments

    Manage much more than just max CPCs with tools that recommend and set bid adjustments based on dayparting, geographical, and device type performance.


Create ads that generate more interest and sales. 

Ad Optimization

Optmyzr finds the best performing ads and ad text elements to drive more and better traffic to your landing pages.

  • A/B Testing For Ads

    Choose the confidence level you want and Optmyzr shows you the ads that are winning in each ad group. Remove the losers with one click and create new variations using the data about which ad text components work best.

  • Test All Ad Types

    A/B Testing works for text ads, image ads and dynamic search ads.

Budget Automation

Spend budgets in the most profitable place.

Managing separate budgets for used cars, new cars, different models, all your services, across multiple accounts can quickly become a major challenge. Optmyzr uses technology to bring sanity back to the process and lets you manage budgets the way your clients want.

Custom Reporting

Tell your clients about the great results you're delivering through SEO, PPC, and Social.

Online Marketing Reports

Reporting no longer needs to take several days each month. Optmyzr streamlines your reporting and new widgets and metrics are constantly being added.

  • Include Any Data You Want

    Optmyzr automatically grabs data from AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook. Other data can easily be imported with Google Sheets and Google App Script.

  • Customized Yet Fast

    Optmyzr lets you templatize the generic portions of reports while letting you customize what is unique to each of your dealers.

Learn How to Grow Your Car Sales With Online Marketing

Optmyzr CEO, Frederick Vallaeys, presented 5 actionable tips to sell more cars with online marketing during Google's April 2017 Partners Connect Event.