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Consumers checked an average of 22.4 resources prior to making a home services purchase in 2015. Optimize your ads for online buyers.

Source: Google/Inmar Home Improvement Consumer Study, Nov 2015
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Stand Out With Better Online Ads.

Show the right ad, to the right user, at the right time with Optmyzr's PPC tools.

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PPC Tools For Home Services

Find more customers at a lower cost by using PPC best practices and intelligent optimizations.

Create Location Based Campaigns

Quickly create hundreds of super relevant ads and keywords for all your locations and services.

Bid Intelligently By Geo, Device, and Time

Pay a more reasonable CPA for each lead by connecting bids to lead quality.

Show Real-Time Discounts

Get more leads when you need them most by updating discounts in real-time.

Automate Budgets

Never spend more than you planned and allocate more budgets to the best campaigns.

Report On All Leads

Integrate data from multiple sources in easy-to-read, automated reports for clients.

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30 days after changing bids with hourly bidder and geo bid modifier the cost per lead was down 25%

- Frank Aldaco,

Faster Campaign Creation

Create highly relevant ad groups with keywords and ads that combine your locations and service offerings.

Create and Maintain Relevant Ad Campaigns

Use a simple spreadsheet to tell Optmyzr your list of locations and services and the tools will create all the possible combinations in seconds.

  • Text Ads and Call-Only Ads

    Whether you prefer online form submissions or calls to your number, Optmyzr can build the campaign you need.

  • Automate Discounts in Ads

    Updates to availability and special discounts will be included in your ads within 1 hour through our automated ad parameters. If a lot of your customers need same-day service, you can now update ads to tell them how quickly you can help.

Bid Automation

Automate your own bidding logic. Save time while remaining 100% in control.

Bid Management

Optmyzr automates bid management with flexible rules that can use multiple types of conversions. Prebuilt rules get you started quickly, or customize your own rules. Set bids for keywords, ad groups, or set bid adjustments to improve dayparting, geo and device performance.

  • Prebuilt Rules

    Deploy bid management strategies that boost leads and reduce cost per lead in seconds.

  • Automated Bids

    Build rules using a simple 'if this, then that' syntax and run them on a schedule.

  • Set Bid Adjustments

    You already know there is a difference in performance in different zip codes and at different times of the week. Optmyzr calculates the exact amount of difference and makes it easy to act on the findings with one-click bid adjustments.


Create ads that generate more leads.

Ad Optimization

Optmyzr finds the best performing ads and ad text elements to drive more and better traffic to your landing pages.

  • A/B Testing For Ads

    Choose the confidence level you want and Optmyzr shows you the ads that are winning in each ad group. Remove the losers with one click and create new variations using the data about which ad text components work best.

  • Test All Ad Types

    A/B Testing works for text ads, image ads and dynamic search ads.

Budget Automation

Allocate the right budgets based on profitability.

Different services have different margins. With budget tools, you can easily prioritize your most profitable services while ensuring that your overall budget goals are met.

Custom Reporting

Tell your clients about the great results you're delivering through SEO, PPC, and Social.

Online Marketing Reports

Reporting no longer needs to take several days each month. Optmyzr streamlines your reporting and new widgets and metrics are constantly being added.

  • Include Any Data You Want

    Optmyzr automatically grabs data from AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook. Other data can easily be imported with Google Sheets and Google App Script.

  • Customized Yet Fast

    Optmyzr lets you templatize the generic portions of reports while letting you customize what is unique to each of your clients.

Learn How to Grow Your Home Services Company With Online Marketing

Optmyzr CEO, Frederick Vallaeys, presented 5 actionable online marketing tips for the home services vertical during Google's May 2017 Partners Connect Event.