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Learn With Optmyzr Mar 29, 2022

Optimizing Ad Spend | Learn With Optmyzr

Money makes the world go round, and digital advertising is no exception. But there's a fine line between expenditure and investment. Next week, we'll show you how to use Optmyzr to make sure your budgets go to the campaigns and channels that can return the best results. Some of the things we'll show you include: • Tracking the pacing of your monthly budget w/ alerts for deviations • Optimizing single and cross-platform budgets from the same place • Identifying & optimizing expensive queries and non-converting keywords • Cost optimization for both automated (targets) and manual (CPC) bidding strategies • Identifying and excluding expensive placements • Tracking broken landing pages to avoid wasted clicks

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Learn With Optmyzr Feb 15, 2022

Hassle-Free Monitoring – Learn With Optmyzr

The PPC pilot role is going to be more important than ever. Monitoring account performance isn't just about catching problems before they get worse; it can reveal patterns that inform better marketing decisions. See how Optmyzr helps you create layers of user-controlled automation to make monitoring a stress-free part of paid search, including: • KPI alerts on different platforms • Getting alerts in Microsoft Teams & Slack • Multi-account budget alerts and monitoring • Campaign Experiments for trackable testing • URL Checker to improve user experience

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Rule Engine Learn With Optmyzr Jan 25, 2022

Rule Engine Key Updates - Learn With Optmyzr

The Rule Engine in Optmyzr lets you build and customize virtually any workflow you want, and gets regular updates to make sure it stays relevant as Google automates more of its platform. Our next Learn With Optmyzr session covers some recent Rule Engine updates that let you create new layers of automation designed to protect your interests. Today's updates include: • Account-level placement exclusions from an account for Smart campaigns • Campaign-level target adjustments for Smart Bidding campaigns • Device bid adjustments at the campaign level • Create alerts with Rule Engine • How to get alerts in Slack or MS Teams

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Automation Layering Learn With Optmyzr Nov 12, 2021

Automation Layering - Learn With Optmyzr

'Automation' is a word that doesn't have the best reputation in pay-per-click advertising right now. But just because ad platforms are automating to their benefit doesn't mean you can't use it for yours. In this episode of Learn With Optmyzr, Rohit from our customer success team shows you how to get started with safe, simple automation layering – deploying your own automation to retain control. We start off with reporting and alerts and cover some of the other things you can do with Optmyzr.

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Optmyzr Learn With Optmyzr Jul 20, 2021

Setting Up Your New Optmyzr Account - Learn With Optmyzr

Signing up for Optmyzr is the start of a better, faster, less complex way to manage your PPC campaigns. We want to make sure you see those benefits ASAP. In this webinar, Geetanjali and Dhiraj will show you how to set up a new Optmyzr account for: • Linking ad accounts • Dashboard setup • Alerts and scripts • PPC Policy & Audits • Optmyzr Express • Account Blueprints

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Optmyzr Learn With Optmyzr Alerts Mar 30, 2021

New Alerts for Greater Control - Learn With Optmyzr

We recently improved Alerts, adding support for new platforms and integrations to help you connect more PPC dots. Join us to learn how to get the most from these updates on this episode.

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Optmyzr Blueprints learn with optmyzr Mar 16, 2021

Updates to Blueprints - Learn With Optmyzr

Learn how the updated Blueprints' features can help you create workflows more easily now and get notified about the tasks too!

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Shopping campaigns learn with optmyzr Mar 02, 2021

Controlling your PPC Shopping Campaigns - Learn With Optmyzr

Join me on this webinar with my co-founder Geetanjali and Aayushi from our customer success team to know how Optmyzr tools can take your e-commerce campaigns to the next level.

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keywords learn with optmyzr Feb 17, 2021

Managing Google's Changes to Phrase and Broad Match Modified - Learn With Optmyzr

Join us on this webinar to know more about the changes Google is implementing and how Optmyzr tools can help you recover some control over your search data.

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Reporting Learn With Optmyzr Feb 02, 2021

New in Multi-Accounts Reporting - Learn With Optmyzr

Join us on this webinar to know more about our tool's enhanced capabilities that let advertisers combine data from multiple accounts into a single report.

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learn with optmyzr shopping Jan 19, 2021

Introducing Campaign Automator - Learn With Optmyzr

Find out about Campaign Automator, a standalone Optmyzr product that lets you build scalable, automated, and inventory-driven PPC-campaigns!

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learn with optmyzr shopping Jan 05, 2021

Optimizing Bid Adjustments - Learn With Optmyzr

Learn how Optmyzr's updated features let you do bid adjustments effectively to suit your campaign needs and stay ahead of the competition.