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Use Optmyzr to improve the performance of PPC accounts with one click or use our suggestions as the starting point for your own methodology.

Find new keywords and  remove wasteful keywords.

Bids & Budgets

Hit your goals for traffic, conversions, CPA and ROAS with automated bids. 

Write better performing ads and remove ads that don't drive results.

Remove wasteful placements on the Google Display Network.

Build better structured shopping ads; set the right bids.

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PPC Optimizations

PPC accounts perform better when they are frequently optimized using the latest data.

Optmyzr automates optimizations for keywords, bids, display network, shopping ads (PLAs), and ads like our A/B Ad Testing Tool shown in the example above.

  • Optimizations in Minutes, Not Hours

    The most time consuming part about optimizing Google Ads is pulling data and running the analysis in tools like Excel. Optmyzr automates this and account managers can go straight to the last step of optimizing: reviewing the results and applying them to the account.

  • Suggestions Based on Years of PPC Experience

    Two of our founders worked for Google's Ads team and know exactly the types of optimizations that have the biggest impact on accounts. We've automated these optimizations so you can do them more regularly on all the accounts you manage.

Joeri Blok

Automate Google Ads Optimizations!

“The Optmyzr team really understands Google Ads. We now trust Optmyzr to automatically apply changes to our accounts.”


Expand your keyword list and show ads more often to users when they are looking for your product or service.

Keyword Optimizations

Optmyzr uses keyword and query data to suggest new keywords to improve account performance and helps you find opportunities to restructure accounts.

  • Find New Keywords

    New keywords are suggested based on semantic and performance analyses. Optmyzr recommends both regular keywords and negative keywords.

  • Improve Account Structure 

    Optmyzr analyzes and fixes duplicate keywords and other structural issues. This ensures the right ad is shown all the time.


Set the right bids to achieve your goals for sales, conversions, traffic, and branding.

Bid Management

Optmyzr automates bid management with flexible rules that can use offline conversion data. Prebuilt rules get you started quickly, or customize your own rules. Set bids for keywords, ad groups, or set bid adjustments to improve dayparting, geo and device performance.

  • Prebuilt Rules

    Find bid management opportunities that boost traffic, increase conversions, and reduce wasted spend.

  • Automated Bids

    Build rules using a simple 'if this, then that' syntax and run them as often as hourly.

  • Set Bid Adjustments

    Manage much more than just max CPCs with tools that recommend and set bid adjustments based on dayparting, geographical, and device type performance.


Create ads that generate more interest and sales. 

Ad Optimization

Optmyzr finds the best performing ads and ad text elements to drive more and better traffic to your landing pages.

  • A/B Testing For Ads

    Choose the confidence level you want and Optmyzr shows you the ads that are winning in each ad group. Remove the losers with one click and create new variations using the data about which ad text components work best.

  • Test All Ad Types

    A/B Testing works for text ads, image ads and dynamic search ads.

Display Network

Eliminate wasted spend on display and set the right bids and budgets.

Optmyzr works with all your display network and video campaigns.

Shopping Ads / Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Show ads for all the products you have in stock and set the right bids to sell at a profit.

Shopping Optimizations 

Define and create a great product group structure for merchant feeds of any size. Manage the bids based on sales data to achieve a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • Create Shopping Ads

    Product groups are structured automatically from the attributes in your merchant feed.

  • Bid Management for PLAs

    Manage bids based on sales data and use data from similar products when product groups don't have enough data of their own.

Google Ads Optimization Tips

Optimizing PPC accounts should be a process of constant iteration: create an experiment, measure the results to pick winners and eliminate losers, and then do it all over again.

The testing process takes different forms depending on what component of Google Ads or Bing Ads you are trying to optimize. Ads might be reviewed by comparing the statistical differences between ratios of engagement (like CTR or conversion rate) whereas queries might be mined based on which ones drove conversions or CTRs significantly better than the underlying keywords. Because each optimization follows a different pattern, account managers usually set up several spreadsheets to get the work done. The outcome of those workflows is usually pretty consistent so if the data analysis can be automated, a lot of time can be saved.

We find it useful to create a strong process around optimizations so that they are done on a regular basis, using a consistent methodology. There are many great account management checklists and we've also written some popular ones that we shared on SearchEngineLand. This one was the most read PPC article of 2015 on SEL.

Optmyzr Knows PPC Optimizations

Two of our founders know first-hand what a good optimization looks like from the time they spent working for Google and from working on accounts as consultants.

  • The Keyword Lasso tool was created because we found it took too much time to use Google's own query report to identify new keywords.

  • The AB Ad Testing tool was created because in Google Ads it's not easy to apply your own formulas for picking winners and losers to many ad groups at the same time.

  • The bid adjustment tools were created because we found bid management changed dramatically when Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns and bids became more dependent on bid adjustments than straight-up CPC bids.

  • We created the Shopping Campaign Builder after it took us a week to set up a proper structure for a mid-sized account. With the tool, we could do the same build-out in 2 hours.