Why go with Optmyzr Vs. WordStream Advisor?

Optmyzr is a powerful, award-winning PPC management software that gives search marketers the tools they need for detailed insights, optimization, reporting, and automation. It is built for accounts of any size, diversity, or complexity.

WordStream Advisor is no longer available for new users and will become unavailable to existing users in April 2022.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Optmyzr
  • You have total control of your ad accounts
  • Advanced and customizable reporting tools
  • Deeper insights, recommendations, and suggestions
  • Advanced PPC workflow automation
  • Costs only a fraction (less than 2.5%) of your ad spend

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Users who switch to Optmyzr from WordStream Advisor achieve their full potential

"Optmyzr gives me insights faster and easier than WordStream. I was initially concerned about the leap in price between the two platforms, but since WordStream decided to abandon all its DIY users and only offer their own management, they tied my hands.

Do I regret making the switch to Optmyzr? Absolutely not. The insights and the time saved using Optmyzr are worth the ticket price. We can really dive deeper into our client accounts without pulling out our hair."

David McElligott

McElligott Digital Marketing LLC

What makes Optmyzr the ideal replacement for WordStream Advisor?

Optmyzr’s biggest advantage is our PPC expertise. Our CEO, Frederick Vallaeys helped build AdWords (now Google Ads) from its infancy, serving as the product’s first evangelist before going on to found Optmyzr. All our co-founders have prior experience working for the ad platforms, Google and Microsoft.

And if you're currently using WordStream Advisor and you're looking for an alternative now or a replacement before March 2022, you're in the right place. We've prepared a chart below showing a detailed head-to-head comparison between Optmyzr and WordStream Advisor.

Optmyzr Vs. WordStream Advisor

Platform Support

Google Ads

Microsoft Ads

Facebook Ads

Amazon Ads

Google Analytics

Optmyzr Logo
Full support
Full support

Reporting, alerts, and budgets only

Full support

Segment scoring and reporting

Feature Availability

Quality Score Tracker

Manage negative keywords

Add new keywords

Conversion Tracking

Landing pages

Ad campaigns

Rule-based automation

Optmyzr Logo
Full support

Full control across ad platforms

Full support
Full support
Full support

Set up conversion tracking and value rules

Fully customizable with optional automated delivery

Deeper insights into performance

Create, test, and optimize

Automate any strategy you can write down

Service & Support

Support/Ticket Turnaround

API support

Free trial length


Control of ad accounts

Optmyzr Logo

2 hours

Ongoing support in full

14+ days

No contracts; cancel anytime


Starts from $208/mo for $10K in spend


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